Noises in the knee: a Test you can find out whether you should go to the doctor – Video

If squats with a Crack are connected, it can be quite harmless. It grinds also, a visit to the orthopedist is advisable. A simple Test to find out whether your knee-risky noises.

Do you know that? You go into the squat and your knees a clearly audible “crack” comes from? So many people, if you stretch the knees and bow.

Osteoarthritis is a possible consequence of

The noise comes from the knee-cap, if you slip during the movement in the sliding groove. Weak thigh muscles or a harmless deformity of the legs, the kneecap keeps so stable that they glide silent. As long as the Crack is not associated with pain, no one really.

Worse it is, if it crunches when you Bend and straighten the knee quietly. Orthopedist Sven Ostermeier of the joint-clinic Gundelfingen explains: “A crunch in the knee, such as from a coffee grinder is always to damage a sign of a cartilage.“ This may be due to strong friction, or incorrect pressure on the kneecap over a longer period of time responsible. This leads to pain and osteoarthritis.

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To test your knee

If your knees make noises, you should definitely go to the doctor, you can show a simple Test: Sit straight on a chair and bend and stretch the legs. Place the hands on the knees. So you can feel every little Crack and crunch around the kneecap.

Even if the movement is painless, you should consider when grinding an orthopedic doctor. So no one should wait too long: Initially, a worsening of the knee is discomfort with muscle build-up, deposits and Gymnastics to stop. In the case of far-advanced osteoarthritis, only surgery can help.