Placebo-allergic by well-known environment

Sometimes it comes to an allergic reaction, although there was no Allergen is present. Scientists from Tübingen have come this Placebo phenomenon on the track, and have found that the environment and sleep plays an important role.

The researchers were able to &ndash in test individuals, an allergic reaction without the allergens that trigger; just by the same area on two different days. The sleeping played for this Form of conditioning has an important role: During the first appointment, the researchers had a runny nose people with allergic a Spray with grass or birch pollen administered. Half of the test persons was allowed to sleep in the following night, the other half had to stay awake.

A week later, the test persons were received but unknowingly only a nasal spray with saline solution. Re "allergic Reaktion" only occurred if the participants had slept after administration of the Allergen. Participants who had remained after the first appointment awake at night, did not react allergic to it. Only the subjective symptoms of the subjects were not considered, but the strength of the allergic reactions were determined by measurements of the enzyme in the nasal secretions carefully.

Sleep consolidates memories

The researchers conclude from the results, that sleep is necessary to consolidate the connection between the environment and the Allergen. "The subjects responded shortly after Entering the experimental room with allergic rhinitis. However, only the sleep group. It is amazing how quickly the immune system learns the mismatched reaction. In the Experiment, a single allergen dose was enough to verknüpfen&quot the allergic reaction with the environment;, Dr. Luciana Besedovsky from the Institute of Medical psychology and Behavioral neurobiology, University of Tübingen said.