Psoriasis: biologics protect against cardiovascular disease

Researchers have discovered how immune therapies used in inflammatory diseases, the risk for cardiovascular reduce disease: biologics against psoriasis, which act on the immune system, inhibit also the formation of Plaque in the arteries.

For the first time, researchers showed the people that the treatment of an inflammatory disease with biological drugs, which inhibit the immune system, reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by about eight percent.

"Normally, a heart attack is due to one of five risk factors: Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, familial predisposition or Rauchen", Dr. Nehal N. Mehta, head of the laboratory of inflammation and cardiovascular said diseases at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. "Our study is evidence that there is a sixth factor: delivers the inflammation. It is suitable for both the formation as well as for the progression of atherosclerosis to myocardial infarction is crucial."

The researchers had observed 290 patients with psoriasis, of whom 121 received treatment with biologics, a year-long. They found significant improvements in narrowed vessels in the people who had received biologics. This seems to be on the anti-inflammatory effect of the drugs go back, believes Mehta.

Psoriasis – also Psoriasis called – a common skin disease, which is associated with a General inflammation, which can lead to vascular occlusions. This can trigger a heart attack or stroke.