Researchers discover Gene super-hero -: That is the woman who feels no pain

The Scottish-born Jo Cameron had to never take pain relievers. It is one of the few people who feel that due to a genetic defect, no pain. For researchers, such patients are particularly exciting to develop new pain therapies. In the case of Cameron, among other things, a hitherto name-less Gene is responsible.

There are people who feel no pain. What initially seems like a dream, it can have serious consequences. Because pain protects our body, it is a warning sign. Hurt children while Playing something, stop it before you hurt yourself seriously.

According to estimates, there are around the world about a hundred people, without the sensation of pain. This is due to a rare genetic defect. This falls on parents, usually in the early years, for example, if your child’s leg breaks, and no face contorts. The Scottish-born Jo Cameron has such a defective gene has Noticed but no one – to Cameron, at the age of 66 years at the Hand was in surgery and Doctors were surprised that she complained to the surgery about pain.

"I just thought it was normal"

Devjit Srivastava, the Advisory anesthesia doctor of the hospital, diagnosed, finally, an insensitivity to pain, much to the Surprise of the patient. Today, a few years later, she says: "I had a few years ago, no idea it was so unusual how little I pain felt – I just thought it was normal."

Even after treatments at the dentist Cameron never had to take pain relievers. Some of the burns she had noticed first, as your skin already smelled burned.

Two genetic mutations Scottish pain make insensitive

In fact, Jo Cameron, to two gene mutations are affected by the so-called FAAH Gene as well as the neighboring FAAH-OUT Gene, the researchers from the University College London for the first time, a name gifts.

The FAAH Gene was among pain researchers already known. It does feel in the body an important role in relation to pain, mood, and memory. Mice that do not have such a Gene, felt pain in Tests less, had accelerated wound healing and were less anxious.

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Hardly any anxiety and rapid wound healing pain,, this is also true for Jo Cameron. Even in dangerous situations, you remain always calm and appliances, never in a panic, she says. Also the influence of the gene on the memory was able to confirm Cameron: you often forget the front door-key, or certain words.

Way to new pain therapies

Of the second Gen, which is when Cameron is defective, scientists had assumed so far that it has no function at all. Now they noted, however, that FAAH-Out is controlled by the FAAH Gene.

"Now, since we know how this newly identified Gene works, we hope that we have new treatment options finden", James Cox declared by the University College London. He and his colleagues hope the new findings for the treatment of anxiety and pain in other patients.

A detailed study of the gene could help in the development of specific therapies for patients to heal after surgery, less pain, and wounds faster.