Selfies, bottles, and knife: How a rescue will be attacked forces in use and disabled

Actually, they come to a place, to save lives. For paramedics, the use of will but more and more often become a hazard in itself. With Aretha Franklin’s Hit Respect the Red cross calls for “respect” for his forces. And with success: The Video goes viral and was viewed on Facebook nearly half a Million. Wax head of Marcel Offermann from the DRC Grevenbroich self – actor in the Clip had the idea for the action. According to the Police crime statistics of the rise in crimes against police and rescue workers has increased from 2017 to 2018 to nearly 40 percent. The actors in the Film – all the red cross volunteer experience violence on an almost daily basis, so the paramedic. Three types of offenders are shown in the Video Stereotypes for the incidents, the 48-Year-old and his colleagues were familiar from everyday life. The first type, the Selfie-type – commonly known as the Gaffer. The second type, the bottles-types – refers to people who are under the influence of alcohol, aggressive. Not only the bottles have to go to the rescue workers in the use of out of the way. To call finally, the DRC-Video the Knife – so people who don’t threaten in front of it back to medics terror with a weapon. In particular, younger people would be more noticeable than older, says Offermann. He has almost 30 years in the service. He compares the stakes, at which he was 25 years ago, was involved with the operations of today, he is thoughtful.