Spring weather often causes colds

The spring has been shown in many Parts of Germany in the weekend of its best. However, many people are plagued by a common cold. Why are the current weather calls for the immune system strong and what helps against the annoying symptoms, explains pharmacist Sebastian Köhler from Bremen.

"The number of colds rises because the body must work due to the fluctuating temperatures more difficult to keep the optimal body temperature. This costs strength, which, in turn, in the defense against infections fehlt", so Köhler. The common cold heals, you usually, various medications and home remedies can relieve the symptoms however. Generally, it is advisable to rest and sleep a lot, so that can focus the immune system to combat the virus. In addition, the body requires plenty of liquids: An adult to drink about two litres a day to moisturize the mucous membranes sufficiently.

  • Tea instead of warm beer: "Warm beer does not help a cold, this is a myth. Alcohol weakens the body’s immune system and irritates the mucous membranes, which is counterproductive. Instead, I recommend hot milk with honey – the soothes A sore throat and difficulty in swallowing. Special Erkältungstee is equally beneficial for the Schleimhäute", Köhler explains.
  • Runny nose and nasal congestion: Here to help decongestant nose drops – for example, Xylometazoline or
  • Oxymetazoline. Cold should be applied to products without the preservative benzalkonium chloride, as these are more acceptable for the nose. Nasal spray or drops, a maximum of once or twice a day, and a total of not more than seven days, applied to a dependency to prevent.
  • Cough: For the relief of the cough stimulus, and the humidification of the respiratory tract at two to three times a day with sage, thyme, or essential Oils such as eucalyptus to inhale. In addition, vegetable mucus, promote solver, for example, with eucalyptus, or ivy extract, or chemical, with potassium iodide, Ambroxol or acetyl cysteine the mucus drain.
  • Neck pain: Here to help lozenges with Icelandic moss or sage. In addition, the end products with lidocaine or benzocaine are pain available, stunning the local.

In General, the following applies: "There is no drug that cures the common cold in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, a variety of means and measures can relieve the symptoms and facilitate healing. An experienced pharmacist can spot here individually and in detail beraten", Köhler says. The complaints do not improve after a week, or you are very strong, have an examination by a doctor is advisable.

AK Bremen/NK

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