The great Dying in the USA: There are more important things than life

The Virus is almost Routine, says a Doctor in the emergency room of New York Presbyterian hospital in Brooklyn. Belongs to the Routine that every few minutes the loudspeaker blaring, and staff is called out to the tent next to the refrigerated truck for the bodies. Into the tent for the Corona-suspected cases. Routine heard that the local residents can send to the hospital staff for lunch Pizza. And that you all have here, no time to eat.

Because the Corona discharge Die is continuously in the United States. More than 45,000 people have died here at the Covid-19. As many as in any other country in the world. Alone 2053 people were on Wednesday.

Trump brags with the mortality rate

Donald Trump’s deal seals from these terrible Numbers for a success. “Our mortality rate is around half that of other countries,” boasted he to his daily press conference, even boasted that she was “one of the lowest in the world”. That’s not true. The mortality rate is currently at 5.5 percent in the United States. It is, therefore, lower than in Spain (10.4%) and Italy with 13.2 percent. However, much higher than in Japan and South Korea, each with 2.2 percent, and Germany with 3.2 percent.


Corona in the Favelas: If drug gangs, the output inhibit control

Donald Trump wants to announce quick success in the Corona-combat, because he and most Republicans want to open up the economy as quickly as possible. Some of them even faster than possible. “We destroy the Land, we destroy the markets”, – said the Vice-Governor of Texas in an Interview with Fox News. “There are more important things than life,” said Dan Patrick. “And part of it, to save the country for my children and grandchildren and for all of us.” Of course he doesn’t want to die, amended it, but you don’t need to take “some risks, and this country going again.”

Who should die so the economy can live with?

It looks like many Republicans and the President are willing to bring to the American capitalism is a human sacrifice. The Old and the Weak to die so the economy can live with that.

Even though the infection numbers are still high, loosen the Republican governors of Florida, Texas and Georgia Corona-measures. And Donald Trump, who incites protests against the limitations of the Opposition-ruled States. Against measures which he had recommended with his team of experts itself. A recommendation is that a Federal state should only return slowly to normality, when the number of new infections would go two weeks back. For So long, many Republican governors do not want to wait.

You are playing a cynical game with the lives of their citizens.

Because there can be many reasons has died, why of all places in the US, yet most of the people on Corona. These include:

Second Corona wave in the Winter?

Corona pandemic in the United States

"The American workers to schützen": Trump from immigration for 60 days

The majority of Americans is opposed to it, to loosen the Corona-measures, before, also, experts warn. The Director of the Federal health authority warned of a second Corona wave in the Winter that could be a lot worse. “We have to do it then with the flu epidemic and the Coronavirus epidemic at the same time,” said Robert Redfield.

He is not with his forecast alone.

In Brooklyn hospital, a Doctor explains that, since a couple of days a little less Corona patient would provides. But you don’t trust this relative calm. “I believe that the Corona-madness will be here for a long Routine,” she says.

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