The Hype for sneakers and for the Sport to be really useful

Women and shoes are well known, such a thing. But this Morning, in Tokyo’s trendy district of Shibuya, there are almost only men, who are rushing to the expenses. A Shu Asaoka is. At five he got up, and, already, two hours before the “Atmos Con”, one of the most important Sneaker shows in the world, has opened, the young saxophonist in front of the entrance doors. A little later he shines and is happy about two big bags in his hands.

Asaoka has even when Shopping from a friend with the cell phone movies. To see, how he will pay with his gold credit card and two Shoe boxes boxes. One is from Nike and Adidas. “I bought a ‘Air Jordan 1’ and ‘NMD_R1’ glow in the dark”, he says proudly. “Sneakers are my life.” Asaoka has to almost yell in order for one to understand it. From the speakers, Empire State of Mind booming from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. How many sneakers he owns? Asaoka does not have to think long: “The number 99 and 100.” Then, after a small Pause: “Now I don’t have to sell back two Pairs, the more space I have in my apartment.”

Sneakers are a cult – and the Atmos Con is Crazy the Cathedral for Sneaker. The exhibition will take place in one of the glass towers of Tokyo. Here are the major manufacturers to introduce what is to be the Trend. Your reasoning is that What is sold in fashion-crazy Japan, and worn, can also be a worldwide success. The sale of athletic shoes is one of the most important engines for the success of the sporting goods company. Worldwide, consumers spend today per year is estimated at about 100 billion dollars for sneakers, and co.. Nike and Adidas are the most successful. 22.3 billion dollars, the brand earned the “Swoosh” in 2018. The world loves sneakers: Teenagers, mothers, retirees, CEOs, fashion designers, primary school teachers and British nobles to wear them. In Germany, a quarter of all shoes sold the Sneaker.

New models

… “Hirschhausen’s star Healthy life”. The issue is now on newsstands, or here to buy.

Topics in this issue:

On platforms such as Stockx or Klekt sneakers how shares are traded on the stock exchange. Red and green arrows, gray lines, and colorful Figures to predict the value of the development and whether a purchase is worth it. In China, young adults in debt even trainers are regarded as the profitable money investment.

In Tokyo, the shoes are dipped presents like jewellery: on pedestals, and colorful cones of light. Some models Sneakerheads stay “” – this is particularly fanatical sneaker lovers call themselves devoutly, some whisper only. In the middle of the Brite-Kish Kash with a flashy silver chain, and camouflage pants. He is one of the high priests of the Turnschuhkults. In his Apartment in London, around 2000 Pairs are stacked. “My archive,” he says. Manufacturer invite him around the world, so he talks about her shoes. He, too, was successful this Morning, he managed to find a Pair of retro shoes from Nike in bright Orange and Black. “I’m looking forward to the later to unpack.” In the case of Instagram, several Thousand Followers to look to him regularly, as he opens the Shoe box and his latest achievements are presented.

Dad-Sneaker instead of Ugly sneakers

Since the sneakers show needs to keep running, it needs new models. In the past year, the Ugly sneakers are the hip fashion accessories: chunky shoes with a thick sole, usually made of a Mix of leather and mesh, which were named according to their ugliness. One of the most successful models came from Balenciaga, it was called “Triple S”, weighed as much as a frying pan and was sold out in spite of its appearance and its price of almost 800 euros, constantly.

In this year, but the complete change. Now there are the classic running shoes and conquer the road and walkways. Shoes in which you provided the on – site Fitness easily in a Marathon could compete. Made from the classic running Shoe brands like New Balance, Hoka One One, or Asics. One of the most sought-after models, is currently the “Gel Kayano”, which also belongs to the equipment of the Japanese Olympic team. Previously, he was ridiculed as a Dad Sneaker, as a conventional Shoe, especially worn by the older gentlemen. Now, Influencer, fashion blogger and street style in love with him-Stars all of a sudden.

The running Shoe “Solar Hu Human-Made” Adidas and Pharrell Williams (right) is especially among teenagers, in a very sought-after. Looks spacy and has a name like a space ship: “Li-Ning Ut Ace Brown 19SS-I” (left)

Sneakers are now acceptable

As Joschka Fischer, 35 years ago, to the swearing-in as Hessian Minister for the environment, white Nike shoes wearing, it was a scandal. Back then, sneakers were only worn for Sport. Today, Kish Kash is wearing a T-Shirt with the photo of the Green politician that shows him, as he stands in the Hessian Parliament the Hand to the oath. “The guy is my Hero,” says Kish Kash. He’s not talking but the politicians, the Brit has no idea. He talks about the Sneakers.

The triumph of the comfortable boots have started the New York Band Run DMC, who made their Song “My Adidas” from the sport, an icon of the youth culture shoes. A year earlier, Nike for the Basketball Überstar Michael Jordan designed the first “Air Jordan”. And about the Hip-Hop scene, the sneakers arrived quickly to the masses. The Rest is fashion history.

The extremely lucrative business, and Kish Kash, and many of his art Via Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok on heating Influencer as he has the Hype to new Shoe models. Many of the independent, will be paid for their songs of praise, and presentations by manufacturers. Very quickly new models be placed on the market. It comes to shape, color, and Image. With the shoes, especially a feeling of life is sold.

This model from Nike, the “LDWaffle Sacai”, looks relatively simple

One of the most successful examples of the last years, the collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas. How much is the Rapper really has contributed to the Design of the “Yeezy”shoes, is not known. But the ugly sports shoes with the thick sole and the sock-like upper part of brought Adidas ever once in the proximity of major competitor Nike. For the limited-edition shoes, Fans are still snake, 2019 Adidas made alone, with an estimated turnover of 1.5 billion dollars.

For a successor is well taken care of. Music star Beyonce has just released under the name “Ivy Park”, a first collection with Adidas. The four models of shoes were sold out after the start of sales within a few hours. The classic white model “Sleek Super 72” will be traded online for twice the starting price.

Luxury labels to put on sneakers

Of the road sneakers have found their way on the catwalks in Berlin, New York, Paris or London. So-designed by Karl Lagerfeld, once said of him, who is wearing a Jogging pants, lost control of his life, already a few years ago, a sneakers for Chanel. Sneakers instead of High Heel – so-young customers should be bound early to the brand.

Professor Wolfgang Potthast of at the German sport University Cologne, Biomechanics and researched for many years, such as sneakers, work. He says: “We must not expect miracles. You look at the injury numbers the last few years, we see that all the innovations in sports shoes are not worse, but nothing improved.” So it doesn’t matter what we wear on the feet? No, Potthast. “The wrong shoes can do damage.” When buying, he advises to pay attention to good fit and quality workmanship. Because usually only in sports shows how well a Shoe fits really offer a lot of dealers and manufacturers, an extended withdrawal period is over and take back even worn shoes. Who heel spur, Achilles tendonitis or knee pain, afflict, you should talk to a sports physician. “Deposits, which are sold in sports retail, are often not a good solution,” says Potthast. Sellers was a lack of it is usually to orthopedic or biomechanical Knowledge. “Insoles or heel wedges engage in the musculoskeletal system, because you can cause a lot of damage.”

Louis Vuitton dedicated the American Designer, Virgil Abloh. The had Off with his own Label-the White is already a great success and is revered by his many Teenage Fans like a God. The current Trend, he designed the shoes are simple and look as though you could drive even sports. Also Prada believe in the success of the new sportiness and brought with Adidas Sneaker model on the market. And Dior lives up to its reputation as a expensive luxury label all the glory. Together with Nike, the company launched this year a special edition of the “Air Jordan” – limited to probably 1000 units and a price of around 2000 dollars.

The Swiss David all the man founded ten years ago in Zurich, the brand On

In a completely different category, the Swiss running Shoe manufacturer On moves, known for his distinctive soles of arrayed plastic loops. “This is a completely new Form of upholstery,” says On co-founder David allemann. “We are in many markets, the fastest growing running Shoe brand.” Recently, tennis star Roger Federer has joined the company.

On the Atmos Con, the little white Stand On is directly next to the Adidas. On presenting the “Cloud Hi Edge”, his first specifically for the leisure time designed in Sneaker. David allemann explains: “He has the sole, with the Top athletes breaking records, but is made for everyday life.”

The crush on the Stand is great. Also Shu Asaoka look at the shoes carefully. “I knew the brand so far,” he says. Long as he keeps it in Hand, she turns, she turns, reaches in and keeps you in the height. Then he says: “I think I do need to get a third Pair to have here at my house.”

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