The poison fish with the cute name, the North sea and the Baltic sea makes it unsafe

Some parts of Germany had to wait quite a long time. But now he is finally here: The summer with lovely warm temperatures.

Who doesn’t want to go for the long-awaited jump into the salty Wet too far, it brings, among other things, to the German beaches. Finally, the path is not long, the prices are relatively cheap and you have nothing to worry about.

Peter male is one of the most toxic animals in Europe

If it weren’t for the weever is a small fish, the feel, especially on the beaches of the North sea and the Baltic sea extremely well.

What many are not aware of beach-lovers: The colorful fish with the cute name is one of the most toxic animals in Europe.

And that can quickly become problematic. The weever is hidden namely in the Sand or mud and is hard to see, since often only the eyes are free.

Especially in the shallow water, the risk is high, to step barefoot on the animal – some 30 to 40 people a year in this way, an unwanted encounter with the weever.

Griftdrüsen fins on the back

They occur accidentally in the 15-to 53-centimeter-long fish and come up with the poison glands on its dorsal fins in contact, makes this quickly by a sharp pain.

The venom triggers an immune response, the joint pain and swelling can cause. Also other unpleasant symptoms, such as fever, shortness of breath, vomiting, circulatory collapse, and cardiac arrhythmias can occur.

In the worst case, it comes to an allergic shock or cardiac arrest, which can be life-threatening, especially when Swimming. Because of the strong pain increases the risk of drowning.

Strong allergic reaction rarely

"Such a strong allergic reaction but is very selten", the clinical toxicologist for the poison information centre-North, Dr. med. Martin Ebbecke, calm in an Interview with FIT FOR FUN.

"The main symptoms are pain in the affected area, as well as the impact of a possible infection that may follow."

You should be actually stung, try to come as quickly as possible to the country. Because even without a severe allergic reaction, the wound must be supplied.

After the First aid measures to doctor

Remove after a trick, first of all, be careful of the sting. Since directly on the beach, rare for a doctor to find, you can take this First-aid measures.

"The temperature shock method, in which the affected area is heated is recommended to zerstören&quot to the venom molecules;, the expert knows.

However, caution is warranted, so that the skin is not burned or scalded. An electrical mosquito bite stick is so much better than a smoldering cigarette.

After that, it means The body cool and immediately consult a doctor who can examine the wonder and treat. The pain is then in the normal case, after one to two days in the past.

"What you don’t know a lot of people: the pain at the point after a couple of weeks back kann", Ebbecke stated. "However, this is not a reason for concern."

Slippers protect

All this sounds of course very uncomfortable, and can quickly ruin the otherwise perfect Swim. Fortunately, however, there is a very effective and simple preventive measure: Slippers.

Because, especially in the summer, the weevers in the North sea and the Baltic sea come to Spawn in the shallow waters. When Wading through the low water, the risk is correspondingly high, to take on the poisonous animal.

"Most bathers or cotton hiker hurt on the top of the spikes, which are designed to protect the weevers are actually from attackers. Even anglers without the need for special gloves can easily in this reinfassen", to concerns Ebbecke.

Not Slippers they, therefore, prefer – also, if you the most fashionable summer-are necessarily accessory. For Si to spend a relaxing and carefree beach holiday.

Cornelia Bertram

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