This bread does every cell of the body well

Whole grain bread à la Bas


More recipes by Bas Kast in “The nutritional compass. The Cookbook”. 17,99 Euro. Appears on 25. February 2019.


Water in a bowl with liquid sour dough, yeast, flour, salt and add Oil. According to taste, seeds, kernels or nuts. Everything with the dough hook and mix. When the dough is smooth and supple, in a bowl with a cloth for approximately 40 minutes covered in a warm place to go, until the dough has almost doubled. Then again knead.

Place the dough in a bread form or on a baking sheet with parchment paper. With a sieve some flour in faithful. Again for at least a half an hour to go. Meanwhile, set the oven to 250-275°C pre-heating, possibly with a steam function, or set an oven-proof container with water in the oven. Then the bread for about 30 Min. strong adhesion, so that a crispy crust forms and the bread does not burn. Then down to 200°C switch and a further 10 Min. bake. The finished bread on a rack to cool.