Water, sugar, and proteins for 5900 Euro: cancer patients get ripped off with dubiosem medium

The diagnosis of cancer is driving many people into the arms of charlatans who take advantage of your Situation shamelessly and you money. Star TV has reported two cases in which cancer of the alleged miracle cure, BG ill-MUN was sold. The consequences of such healing methods are highly dangerous.

A cancer diagnosis puts people in a state of shock. In desperation, they explore all the possibilities that could save your life. Here are some of the methods to deliver the damage.

It is the handle to the straw. So it had to be called Sabine H. from Osnabrück, which had made its history in may, in the case of star TV to the public, to warn. The 52-Year-old, Doctors diagnosed in the fall of 2017 esophageal cancer. Sabine H. confided to a naturopath from Bavaria and took on her advice, the alleged miracle cure BG-MUN the Wider Group – as a result, she is convinced, she has lost valuable time.

Three weeks after the Sabine H. yesterday evening Sandra K. in the case of TV star spoke up. In the case of your mother 2015 had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2017, the mother put all their hopes on the alleged miracle cure, BG-MUN the Wider Group. Meanwhile, the mother of Sandra K. is deceased.

The customer from the miracle cure spread say over hear

Sandra K. told her mother of a well-Known had heard there was a cancer drug that would make the tumors within half a year to disappear. "We were skeptical, but my mom was reaching for every straw." It came to a Meeting with the naturopath, in the case of the Sabine H. help was sought, and the manufacturer of the product. The Meeting was held in the premises of a real estate company. The manufacturer of the Miracle product has the sounding name of count Ulrich W. Broad by kaufhold, its customers as Ulrich Wide.

Sandra K. expected biologists with a competent Immune, but a "unkempt, incompetent man, I have not once bought a vacuum cleaner hätte" to. Although all of the alarm were heard bells, outweighed the hope of the mother that it helps somehow. You bought the product. A packet of costs 5900 euros.

“Desperation plays a very big role,” was Sabine H. insight into her state of mind. “You want to listen to this positive message. Then when someone comes and promises you 'The body creates the.', then you believe that too. And you trust this people.“

"You could also use milk trinken"

The pink-coloured liquid in small vials consists of water, sugar, proteins, and amino acids. You could also drink milk, is convinced the gynecologist Ulrike Nitz, as she reveals in the case of star TV.

Basically, the Doctor doesn’t mind if Cancer can complementary alternative methods to treat. She admits but: "In this Situation, you need a Bodyguard. Someone with the knowledge has, especially when one medicine is in the area of alternative on-the-go."

Especially, when it comes to advice so, how in the naturopath from Bavaria. TV star shows a bogus visit, which was filmed with a hidden camera. The naturopath, which led to the broadcast of the first broadcast three weeks ago, a Professor title on your website. She tells you that BG-MUN was once used as a medicinal product in the trade.

The Prosecutor’s office in Ingolstadt, determined, in the meantime, on suspicion of violating the drug act against the woman from Bavaria. Ulrich Wider, the manufacturer of the alleged miracle means, is supposed to have said that the pharmaceutical industry is out to get him, to get to the Mediterranean.

Sabine H. buys vials at the value of 15,000 euros and stops the chemotherapy

It’s not the whole thing is only about the money. It is also important that people go in even greater danger, because they cancel the conventional treatment. Sabine H. went after her diagnosis in 2017, the school medical way, and underwent chemotherapy, because already metastases in liver and lungs were. The chemotherapy suggested that the Tumor was back.

But the fear remained, and Sabine H. came across when doing some research on the Internet on a Facebook group, in the "natürliche" Healing of cancer is. Here, a User of a true panacea, the be of brain tumor of a sick brother &quot told;shortly before the Heilung" am. The miracle cure: BG-MUN for 5900 Euro.

According to the pharmacologists, Gerd Gläske, is likely to cost the agent in the production of only a few euros. Studies on the effectiveness of there appears to be also. Overall, Sabine H. was 15,000 euros for the product. Your chemotherapy Sabine H. broke. This is highly dangerous. "This probably means that the cancer developed more and that the to the detriment of the patient ist", Gläske says.

A US study published in 2018 in JAMA Oncology, show that patients who refused to undergo conventional therapies and instead exclusively on the alternative methods of healing continued, a significantly higher mortality risk.

"Patients may be due to unchecked preparations gefährdet"

The Oncologist Jutta Huebner German cancer society has an opinion about BG-MUN: "The agent can cure a cancer. Here is hope that is based on nothing. It is made of money with the suffering of the patients. And patients may be endangered by such untested drugs."

As Sabine H. asked the naturopath and Ulrich Wider, why the metastases, in spite of the expensive treatment again had increased, answered this, that would probably be the emotional strain of Sabine. h.

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