Why hair is graying, what can help

Gray hair – just an optical illusion

Is graying is a natural process and easy to explain:

  • Each hair consists of many layers of keratinized cells and has a hair root. These hair roots, blood vessels, sebaceous glands and cells that produce the Pigment Melatonin. These cells are called melanocytes.

  • The melanocytes produced Melanin is deposited in the Horny layers of the hair and give your hair the unique color.

  • In old age everything is known, so the Melanin production. The competent cells are first less pigments, in the course of time, you die. It is the supply of paint for the hair is missing.

  • The space for the dye in the Horny layers of the hair does not disappear but simply because there are no pigments offspring. Our body solves this Problem by filling bubbles in these empty spaces with tiny little air. These make the hair appear white.

  • The competent cells do not collapse all at the same time, their pigment production, and not die at the same time. Our Hair is at some point a mixture of white and pigmented hair. And this mixture appears gray.

  • Thus, there is not gray hair, actually: they are pigmented either, so colored, or white, but really white. What we perceive as gray hair, is rather a trick that our eyes play.

The age of is a natural reason for the “graying”. In addition, however, there are numerous other factors that influence Melanin production and thus on the hair color. These include certain medications such as chemotherapy. Also diseases of the thyroid gland, nutrient and vitamin deficiency and hormonal disorders encourage grey hair. Who smokes, aggressive hair care products used, or constantly under Stress, you must also expect it sooner, and its brown, blonde, red, or black Hair in exchange for grey.

What helps against gray hair

Because of the loss of color is on the head of a natural process, you cannot stop him. A healthy way of life but retains the colored head of Hair a bit longer. This also includes to go a little more relaxed through life – and not for every little thing “gray hair” grow.

You do not even come clear with gray hair – then, the cosmetics industry offers numerous remedies, to mask the gray strands. Whether you tones, in the short term or in the long term dyeing – healthy for the head, both of skin is not permanent.

Then there are the restoration. In order for you to get back your original hair color. In this method, an artificial melanin rate substance reacts with oxygen and “colors” the hair. Until you see a success, it will take several applications.

The big disadvantage: Once you finish the restoration, or not regularly apply, you are short time later, gray again. In addition, the products are quite expensive.

Turned gray overnight, it is scarcely possible

Who: knows the stories of how someone over night, gray has become a fright, a traumatic experience or any other event.These are just stories – the night you can’t graying.

After you know how hair is “graying”, it is only logical. Finally, all competent cells from the pigment production from today to tomorrow at the same time. And then the dyes are there, which are already stored in the corneal layers of the hair.

Hair can, however, also be in recent years, grey. In General, a genetic predisposition is not if you can help out by chemicals, Stress, or nicotine. The generations before them were in their family, early grey, caught it, you probably also.

But there is actually a possibility, unexpectedly, with only grey hair on the head to Wake up. The are not grey but all of a sudden, but the Only ones that are still there. The rest of the can in fact be really the night: The so-called “circular Haarausfall", a special disease, the Affected in the beginning only the pigmented hair. This happens within a short period of time, wakes up one morning and only the grey hair – the white hair -.