Without a scalpel: Gentle beauty Quickies to immediately ten years younger

Techniques against wrinkles, eye bags and even drooping eyelids surgery to replace beauty more and more often. The current status about the treatments, what are the areas of the Face they help, what they cost, how long the effect lasts and how you find a good practitioner.

  • With a new ultrasound technology, the drooping eyelids can even lift it.
  • Against the cheeks, the wrinkles there are several options, depending on whether the Cheeks are more full, or überschlank.
  • Wrinkles with own fat injections has almost had its day, and because of unsightly sequelae.

Age is written all over his face. But the traces of time such as wrinkles, contour and volume loss, you can mitigate or even undo. Used to be the big face-Lifting was needed, with cuts behind the ears, the temples and the chin, to the skin to lift and tighten. This elaborate Operation is carried out, however, is less and less.

Minimally invasive methods with botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, Laser, and ultrasound, are now developed in such a way that it operations are a beauty-almost the rank.

Ten times more women than men opt for facial treatment

For comparison: Only around 110,000 of these invasive procedures are performed in Germany each year, about a fifth less than 165.000 wrinkle treatments with gentle methods. The 150,000 relate to women, and 15,000 men. The most popular procedures in the year 2015 for the facial treatment, particularly Botox and Filler in the case of women, men, Laser, and Filler, according to the survey, the GÄCD (society for Aesthetic surgery Germany).

Probably invasive measures are minimal even much more frequently used for official statistics, to all the Doctors report carried out gentle treatments that do not exist in Germany.

However, as the different areas of the face can be targeted to rejuvenate? We provide the latest methods of treatment:

Forehead and frown lines with injections of smooth

“Botulinum toxin A in this area is the drug of choice, both as causal and preventive therapy,” says Tatjana Pavicic. The dermatologist is a Board member of the International Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS) and the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) Academy.

At the time of treatment, the dose of the botulinum injections should be chosen so that the muscle relaxant makes the facial Expressions they do not freeze, but just relaxed. In this way, the forehead smooth out and the frown lines. The treatment hurts a little, only the punctures prick.

The effect occurs after a few days and, depending on the strength of the muscles around four to six months. Then the treatment can be repeated. With prolonged use, the effect could persist even longer, because the habit of the “evil Look”, says the expert.

Cost per treatment: 300 to 400 Euro

Ultrasound to eyelid correction and against drooping eyelids

Drooping eyelids could be treated, until recently, only performed with an eyelid lift. It is now only necessary, if the slip rims are very pronounced. In other cases, “you can lifts today, the eyebrow by micro-focused ultrasound (Ultherapy), and thus, the appearance of drooping eyelids improve,” explains the expert.

The focused ultrasound pulses to generate under the skin in the short term, heat, collagen production is stimulated and the connective tissue. As a result, the overlying skin tightens. In the treatment you can feel the ultrasound as a small, hot needle jabs. Who is very sensitive, therefore a local anesthesia (cream) stun, or previously mild pain medication such as Ibuprofen.

Only minimal redness, which subsides after a few minutes, occurs as a side effect. So there will be no downtime. However, the full effect of the treatment occurs only after three months, because the connective tissue needs to consolidate again. The effect of a holding of up to one and a half years, then can be re-treated.

Cost per treatment: 600 to 900 euros

Eyes and eye bags Laser rejuvenate

“Is the cause of the eye bags slightly hanging skin or slight Edema, is micro-focused ultrasound in the medium of choice, as in the case of eyelid surgery,” says Tatjana Pavicic. But also the fractional ablativer Laser (CO2-Laser) is suitable. This is a new laser technology, which was specially developed for the skin improvement and tightening.

The heat ray acts on the entire skin surface, but rather a “micro-chessboard” pattern, where only the white or black squares are treated. This laser therapy is very gentle. With the support of the untreated skin cells can form fresh tissue faster and the skin rejuvenate.

In the case of the fractional laser therapy should not bags just the tears, but best of all, the entire periorbital fascia to be treated, so that the entire skin area around the eyes, a similar look and feel. “Otherwise you risk marking lines,” warns the expert.

The skin is reddened after the treatment and it is formed of tiny red dots, which after a few days of crusting and fall off. About a week of downtime after the treatment so needed, as well as complete sun, a waiver of up to three months.

The effect of the treatment with the fractional ablative Laser lasts one to two years, after which they can be re-applied.

Cost per treatment for both eyes: 800 Euro

The tears are bags however, very pronounced and filled with fat (fat prolapse), only surgery is effective.

Rings under the eyes (tear troughs), with hyaluronic acid filling.

Costs from 450 euros, depending on the amount of Fillers