You want the evening off, finally? With these three Tricks, it’ll work immediately

You have problem to fall asleep? They had a quiet night? FOCUS-Online expert Kim Fleckenstein explains why lack of sleep is so dangerous, and what mental tricks can help you.

  • Lack of sleep increases the risk of death.
  • Rituals, no silly kid’s stuff.
  • Three Tricks that allow you to fall asleep faster.

We spend around a third of our lives asleep – and that is a good thing. Because sleep is extremely important for the body and soul. However, according to the Robert Koch-Institute, 25 percent of Germans suffer from a sleep disorder. This phenomenon is one of the ten major diseases. Sleep labs now have waiting lists because so many sleep disturbed cabling and increases the quality, depth and course of your night’s sleep, want to check.

Also that is a good thing: Because in the case of permanent lack of sleep, the speed of Thinking and Acting tremendously, errors are inevitable. Other possible consequences: depression, strokes, heart disease and, in General, there is an increased risk of death.

The great effect of the rituals

In the case of children, we pay attention in the evening on one or even several rituals. To help the Small, easier to walk and especially like to go to bed and blissfully into the Land of dreams to drift away. We do not think adults need these rituals to be able to sleep. That’s A Mistake!

Because, just like the morning Meditation, the Cup of coffee or a warm shower to start as comfortable as possible in the day so the evening can support the use of Ritual, relaxed in sleep.

1. Trick

The “Tatort” on Sunday evening, and that is German to one of the favorite rituals. With sleep these bloody stories are not but unfortunately.

You get used instead, to end the day with 15 minutes of privacy: Cuddling before going to bed in a soft blanket, and turn on soothing music. You can sit simply there, listening and breathing, without a cell phone or running a TV – as a result, your nervous system calms down.

2. Trick

Think about it, which is a positive feeling, to connect you with your sleep. How does it feel when you are on the verge of falling Asleep? It is the feeling of security that you have met peace, love? You focus on this feeling and allow it to always on my mind continue to grow.

Instead of an Emotion, it may be of course also a certain sound that you associate with sleep. In this case, you just let him again and again, gently sounded, while lying in bed. Then the fatigue from all alone come on!

3. Trick

Keep around awake circle of thoughts and feelings? The more attention we give them, the stronger they will be. You can use a Trick: Send your “uninvited guests” in an imaginary room, you are setting up nice – with a Sofa, colourful pictures, and other accessories that you like.

In this room, all the feelings are allowed to take place, and you don’t want to take care of. They welcome you friendly and you tell them that you will pick them up tomorrow morning. The more often you apply this Ritual, the more relaxed you will be.

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